5 Tips to Strengthen Your Summer Schedule!

5 Tips to Strengthen Your
Summer Schedule!

  1. Recital / Concerts
Rather than having one single "year end" recital, replace it (or add) mini concerts throughout the summer. Set goals to ensure there is gradual progression throughout the year! Performing for your friends, teachers and family is a great idea to show off the hard work that has been put into lessons and practice!
  1. Group Lessons
Group sessions change the usual routine to incorporate new methods to the lesson! Bringing student together to work on new material encourages them to play along with others to develop teamwork skills! 
  1. Music Themed Gifts
Show your appreciation for your teachers and students by giving the gift of music. Apparel, Jewelry, Stickers and even Vinyl Records are available in-store and online to encourage and promote music education. 
  1. Games
Theory is an important part of student success however, it is not the most exciting aspect of the lesson! Why not have some fun with music flash cards, exercises and theory games.
  1. Popular Music

An easy way to peak students interest is to incorporate popular music into your curriculum. Ed Sheeran, Katie Perry and even the Eagles is available at all levels for each student! 


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