How Shopify Turned our Small Ottawa Music Store to Worldwide Business

How Shopify Turned our Small Ottawa Music Store to Worldwide Business

Whether you’re looking for your favorite Beatles sheet music or a guitar to get started, Granata Music has been Ottawa’s go-to store for any musical inquiries for over 32 years.

Granata Music was established in 1984 by Nello Granata who opened a local store for all nearby musicians. Now taken over by his son, Gino, the store has built itself up to be internationally known and the online store has contributed to this expansion. As the industry is changing we’re keeping with up the pace. For starters, our online store is helping musicians anywhere stay connected to the music they love.

Customer like Sam H. is one of our online clients who bought Guitar Tablature books like Guitar World and Guitar One magazines, all the way from Florida, USA. After hearing about us through a friend, Troy G. also from Florida went on to our website and continued to purchase of many books that he found on our website.

We are able to help keep authentic musicians connected at all times, whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, is available at your fingertips 24/7. How is this all possible?

Ottawa’s own Shopify has given us the power to reach out to anyone, anywhere with the click of a button. Our website has been viewed countless times by musicians all over the world from right here in Canada, to the USA, to Brazil and far beyond. Shopify has turned our store from the small local business that Nello envisioned over 25 years ago to Gino’s international, growing, online store. 

Shopify has given us the opportunity to expand our business model and has allowed us to keep up with the ever-changing, dynamic market. Thanks to Shopify, Granata Music has been able to expand to new horizons and hasn’t stopped growing since.
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