Why Your Child Should Take Music Lessons

There are a lot of intriguing studies showing that music training has a significant impact on the brain development of a child. New findings on the benefits of learning how to play an instrument have been presented by different scientists over the last five years. This evidence may not be the final answer as to whether playing an instrument really contributes to a child’s cognitive abilities. Many parents are becoming more convinced that music training is an effective way to stimulate their children’s brain development.

Below are some of most compelling reasons why your child should start with his/her music training – even at an early age:

    • Significant difference between a musician’s brain and a non-musician
    • More developed motor skills and brain connections
    • Longer attention span and better self-control
    • More developed geometric abilities
    • Better overall performance at school
    • Strengthens the “Mozart Effect” in children


Convinced that music lessons are the right choice for your son/daughter? Contact us today to get signed up for lessons.

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