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Ultimate Music Theory - Intermediate Rudiments, Workbook

Ultimate Music Theory - Intermediate Rudiments, Workbook

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This impressive coil bound, 9 X 12 workbook includes 80 Free Flashcards.
Intermediate Rudiments features these concepts and more!

  • PITCH - Double Sharps, Double Flats and Technical Degrees
  • SCALES - Major, minor, Enharmonic, Chromatic and 20th Century
  • TRIADS - Inversions, Close and Open Position
  • RHYTHM - Simple Time and Compound Time
  • INTERVALS - Perfect, Major, minor, Augmented and diminished
  • CIRCLE OF FIFTHS - Key Signatures (up to 7 sharps and 7 flats)
  • TRANSPOSING - Major key to Major key
  • CADENCES - Perfect, Plagal and Imperfect
  • ANALYSIS - Musical Terms, Symbols and Signs