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OFC Publications

The Music Of Canoesongs - OFC Publications

The Music Of Canoesongs - OFC Publications

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Canoe Song (Connie Kaldor) 2. La v’la m’aimie (Tanglefoot) 3. River Mend My Heart (Nancy White) 4. Land of the Silver Birch/My Paddle’s Keen & Bright (Fred Penner) 5. That Old Cedar Strip (James Gordon) 6. The Path of the Paddle (Myrna McBrien & David Archibald) 7. Let Us Go Laughing (Bruce Cockburn) 8. Blue Canoe Lullaby (Jeff Hale) 9. When I First Stepped in a Canoe (Shelley Posen) 10. Canoe Song at Twilight (Eileen McGann) 11. Campfire Light (Ian Tamblyn) 12. Woodsmoke & Oranges (Ian Tamblyn) 13. The Song My Paddle Sings (Tamarack) 14. A Canadian Song (Susanna Moodie, Ellen Hamilton) 15. Cry of the Wild (Dave Hadfield) 16. C’est l’aviron/V’la l’bon vent (Tanglefoot) 17. Les Voyageurs (Mike Ford) 18. Brush and Paddle (Ian Tamblyn) 19. Red Canvas Canoe (Lorraine McDonald) 20. Lessons of the Path and Paddle (James Gordon) 21. One Stroke (Yael Wand) 22. The Eskimo Roll (Nancy White) 23. Canoeing My Troubles Away (Shelley Posen) 24. Class V When You Least Expect It (David Essig) 25. Kokanee Canary Song (Ross Douglas) 26. Blue Mountain Blue (David Archibald) 27. Under the Same Sky (Jerry Vandiver & Julie Burto