RCM Overtones Series - Flute Repertoire (w/CD), Level 6

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Instrumentation: Flute with piano accompaniment
Series: Overtones: A Comprehensive Flute Series
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: FLR06
Category: Print Music
Description: Unparalleled in scope, Overtones™ offers all the music flutists want in one complete series! This progressive collection includes fundamental repertoire and supporting materials such as Studies, Compact Discs, Orchestral Excerpts, and Technique. The richness of music carefully selected for this compilation will resonate with teachers and students at every level of study. For a complete listing of the titles in each book, visit www.frederickharrismusic.com.

Table of Contents

  1. Barcarolle melancolique, Op. 72, No. 1 [Lefebvre, Charles]
  2. Capriccio, Op. 3, No. 3 [Weiss, Franz]
  3. Essay [Applebaum, Louis]
  4. Intermezzo [Andersen, Joachim]
  5. Musefully listening, nursing a thought [Behrens, Jack]
  6. Red Bossa [Schocker, Gary]
  7. Soliloquy [Freedman, Harry]
  8. Sonata in A minor (complete), Op. 17, No. 3 [Schickhardt, Johann Christian] [arranged by Wood, Kathleen]
  9. Sonata in D major (complete) [Vinci, Leonardo] [arranged by Wood, Kathleen]
  10. Sonata in E minor (complete), Op. 3, No. 7 [Loeillet, Jean Baptiste] [arranged by Wood, Kathleen]
  11. Sonata in G minor (complete), Op. 2, No. 3 [Marcello, Benedetto] [arranged by Wood, Kathleen]
  12. Tico Tico [Abreu, Zequinha] [arranged by Gout, Alan]
  13. Trois Pieces pour Flute et Piano (complete), Op. 31 [Foote, Arthur]