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RCM Clarinet - Repertoire (w/CD), Level 2

RCM Clarinet - Repertoire (w/CD), Level 2

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Instrumentation: Clarinet with piano accompaniment
Series: Royal Conservatory Clarinet Series
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: WC2
RCM Grade: 2
Category: Print Music

Table of Contents

  1. Air (from "The Double Dealer") [Purcell, Henry] [arranged by Rae, James]
  2. Austrian Hymn (Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser), Hob. XXVIa: 43 [Haydn, Franz Josef] [arranged by Noble, Jason]
  3. Bouree anglaise [Handel, George Frideric] [arranged by Chatman, Stephen]
  4. Computer Game [Harris, Paul]
  5. Gigue [Telemann, Georg Philipp] [arranged by Noble, Jason]
  6. Londonderry Air, Irish folk song [arranged by Birston, Harold]
  7. Mairi's Wedding (Lewis Bridal Song), Traditional Gaelic melody [arranged by Donkin, Christine]
  8. Ode to Newfoundland [Parry, Hubert] [arranged by Donkin, Christine]
  9. Polka-dot Rag, Jazz standard [arranged by Harris, Paul]
  10. Reverie [Debussy, Claude] [arranged by Noble, Jason]
  11. The Huron Carol, 16th-century French [arranged by van de Ven, Martin]
  12. The King's March, T 432 [Clarke, Jeremiah] [arranged by Noble, Jason]
  13. Tumbalalaika, Jewish folk song [arranged by Donkin, Christine and Martin van de Ven]
  14. Wolsey's Wilde [Byrd, William] [arranged by Noble, Jason]