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RCM Cello - Repertoire (w/audio), Preparatory

RCM Cello - Repertoire (w/audio), Preparatory

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Instrumentation: Cello with piano accompaniment
Series: Royal Conservatory Cello Series (2013 Edition)
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: VC0
RCM Grade: Prep
Category: Print Music
Description: This inaugural edition of the Cello Series offers a sound and progressive collection of Repertoire, Recordings, Etudes, Technique, and Orchestral Excerpts for the aspiring cellist. With an expansive representation of musical styles from all eras, this series addresses the need for a single collection of quality educational materials to foster musical development and instill appreciation of the richness and diversity of music written for cello. Supporting a balanced course of study, this series organizes repertoire into nine volumes from the Preparatory Level through Level 8. Each level offers music from a range of styles and compositional eras, including standard literature, new arrangements of familiar tunes, and music written for cellists, by cellists. These selections provide the flexibility to choose pedagogically appropriate material suited to each individual, and to motivate students to fully develop their musicianship and technique.

Table of Contents

  1. A Lively Tune [Carse, Adam von Ahn]
  2. Au clair de la lune (Underneath the Moonlight) [Kinney, Akiko & Forrest]
  3. Chorus of Soldiers, Townspeople, Matadors, Elephants, and Other Miscellaneous Opera Characters [Birston, Harold]
  4. Come to the Sea (Vieni sul mar) [arranged by Donkin, Christine]
  5. Dizzy Lizzy Lightweight [Lumsden & Attwood]
  6. Hark, What's Coming In from Out There? (Horch, was kommt von draussen rein?) [arranged by Donkin, Christine]
  7. Land of the Silver Birch [arranged by Telfer, Nancy]
  8. Ode to Joy [Beethoven, Ludwig van] [arranged by Mrozinski, Mark]
  9. Pepperoni Pizza Pie [Hewitt-Jones & Lumsden]
  10. Red River Valley [arranged by Donkin, Christine]
  11. Sailor Song [arranged by Gray, Jason]
  12. Saint Paul's Steeple [arranged by Gray, Jason]
  13. Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah [arranged by Kinney, Forrest]
  14. Streets of Laredo [arranged by Kinney, Forrest]
  15. Ten Toads [Milne, Elissa]
  16. The Sounds So Glorious (Das klinget so herrlich) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] [arranged by Donkin, Christine]