Profile Gooseneck Adaptor for Microphone Stand

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Profile's MCG20 OR MCG12 is a 20" or 12" chrome gooseneck section for your microphone stand, so you can easily position your microphone to suit your preferences.

  • Compatible with most microphones -- fits 5/8" stands
  • For wide-ranging use
  • 20" or 12" gooseneck design
  • Facilitates positioning your microphone to suit your preferences
  • Chrome finish
  • Offers a stylish appearance
  • Flexible gooseneck fits most mics for adjustable support during performances and recording sessions
  • Up to 20" or 12" Length Standalone
Great for mounting drum mics, mics for acoustic guitars, for mounting on a podium for public speaking, and for many more applications.

The chrome finish provides a stylish look.