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Bastien Piano For Adults - Book 2 (Book Only)

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Solo piano - SMP Level 2 (Late Elementary)
Edited by Lisa Bastien and Lori Bastien. Method. Bastien Piano. Instructional and Method. Collection. Standard notation, fingerings and introductory text (does not include words to the songs). Published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company (KJ.KB).

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ISBN 849773067. With standard notation, fingerings and introductory text (does not include words to the songs). Instructional and Method. 9x12 inches.

To teach piano basics, the Bastiens have created a new, rich course designed specifically for adult beginners. Bastien Piano for Adults is a welcome addition to the best-selling collection of Bastien methods and supplementary materials. Lessons, theory, technic, and sight reading are combined in one easy-to-use book. The series is gradually paced to ensure student confidence and success. The variety of music, custom selected for adults, includes famous classic themes, folk songs, spirituals, ragtime, blues, boogie, jazz, and Bastien originals that teach the basics in a straightforward, yet innovative manner. Accompaniments CDrum Sticks for Bastien Piano for Adults, Books 1 & 2 were created to musically enhance student practice, thus making piano study more enjoyable. In addition to adding excitement, variety, and motivation for the student, the CDrum Sticks help improve understanding of phrasing, balance, rhythm, and pulse, Even beginning students can play along with a jazz band, a symphony, or a rock group, The CDrum Sticks add a whole new, joyous dimension to learning piano and making music.

Song List:

  • Meet Me in St. LouisåÊ
  • East RIver BoogieåÊ
  • Good Morning BluesåÊ
  • G Major Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • Prelude In G åÊ
  • The Holly and the IvyåÊ
  • Morning MoodåÊ
  • Theme form Symphony No. 5åÊ
  • Technic: G Scaale Etude, On the TreadmillåÊ
  • Technic: Finger Extension StudyåÊ
  • Laughing SongåÊ
  • On Top of Old SmokyåÊ
  • Lights Over EgyptåÊ
  • Major and Minor TriadsåÊ
  • York Avenue BluesåÊ
  • Ocean ViewåÊ
  • E Harmonic Minor Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • House Of The Rising SunåÊ
  • Syncopated EtudeåÊ
  • Hello! My BabyåÊ
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossom Song)åÊ
  • Technic: Etude in E MinoråÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Frankie and JohnnyåÊ
  • ReviewåÊ
  • Warm UpåÊ
  • Prelude in A MinoråÊ
  • F Major Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • Scottish BagpipesåÊ
  • Summer WhirlwindåÊ
  • The Merry Widow WaltzåÊ
  • D Harmonic Minor Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • The Minstrel's SongåÊ
  • EtudeåÊ
  • Joe TurneråÊ
  • Ventian SongåÊ
  • WaltzåÊ
  • Chalenge Piece: Hearts from HeavenåÊ
  • Old Folks At HomeåÊ
  • Tirads and Inversions, TranbpsoisiotnnåÊ
  • RevielleåÊ
  • La Jolla SunsetåÊ
  • M
  • Autumn BreezeåÊ
  • Spanish FiestaåÊ
  • Bayou BluesåÊ
  • MinuetåÊ
  • Tango TimeåÊ
  • Tachnic: Major Triads and Inversion, Minor Triads and InversionåÊ
  • Technic: Playing Triplets , On the EscalatoråÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Sea MiståÊ
  • Chasin' the bluesåÊ
  • The Order of SharpsåÊ
  • D Major Scale and chordsåÊ
  • Barbara AllenåÊ
  • Strolling Down the MidwayåÊ
  • Bells of MilanåÊ
  • He's Got The Whole World In His HandsåÊ
  • Technic: D Scale Etude, D Chord Etude, Ice SkatingåÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Maple Leaf RagåÊ
  • Heart BreakeråÊ
  • A Major Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • BarcarolleåÊ
  • Theme from Suprise SymphonyåÊ
  • Entrance of the EmperoråÊ
  • Blue SoulåÊ
  • Technic: Rolling Hoops, A Scale EtudeåÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Canon in DåÊ
  • Big Sky BoogieåÊ
  • Brazilian BoogieåÊ
  • E Major Scale and ChordsåÊ
  • Irish WasherwomanåÊ
  • Technic: 2nd Inversion EtudeåÊ
  • Swan WaltzåÊ
  • Technic: Etude in FåÊ
  • Technic: E chord Etude, E Scale EtudeåÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Rondo Alla TurcaåÊ
  • C Major Scale, C Harmonic Minor ScaleåÊ
  • The Midnight ExpressåÊ
  • Augmented TriadsåÊ
  • Major and Augmented Chord Warm Up, A Vist to the Royal CourtåÊ
  • ArabesqueåÊ
  • Dimnished TriadsåÊ
  • In The Shade Of The Old Apple TreeåÊ
  • Warm Up, Sonatina in CåÊ
  • Jesu, Joy Of Man's DesiringåÊ
  • Prelude in C MajoråÊ
  • St. Louis BluesåÊ
  • Review: Chord DrillåÊ
  • Technic: Parallel Scale EtudeåÊ
  • Challenge Piece: Moonlight SonataåÊ
  • åÊ