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ARTEC Wood Soundhole Pickup WSH12-WN-OSJ (Walnut)

ARTEC Wood Soundhole Pickup WSH12-WN-OSJ (Walnut)

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Wooden pickup for acoustic guitar.

Wooden, machined PU cover
Low noise humbucker type
Uses alnico 5 magnet
Adjustable pole piece
Output jack with 60cm cable included , easy to install!

Artec's 'WSH12' is a package of magnetic PU, cable, and output jack, which is a trend in acoustic guitars in recent years.
Equipped with a passive humbucker using Alnico 5 magnets on a carved wooden cover full of chic charm. The pole pieces can be adjusted up and down to achieve the ideal balance for each string.
It features the smooth mid-range and low range that is unique to humbucker types, making it ideal for players who want to play their instruments firmly in a fingerpicking style.

Can be attached to the sound hole and fixed easily. In addition, the 1/4 jack output comes with a simple belt for attaching the end pin, and along with its relatively reasonable price, we recommend it to users who want to try out magnetic PU for acoustics.