RCM Resonance Series - Voice Repertoire (w/CD), Level 4 - Canada

RCM Resonance Series - Voice Repertoire (w/CD), Level 4

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Instrumentation: Voice with piano accompaniment
Series: Royal Conservatory Resonance: A Comprehensive Voice Series (2012 Edition)
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: RSR04
RCM Grade: 4, KIW
Category: Print Music
Description: Resonance™ is the fourth edition of the acclaimed Voice Series published by The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited. As in previous editions, Resonance™ encompasses a rich and varied selection of Repertoire, Vocalises, and Recitatives that students of all ages and voice types will find appropriate to their musical interests and level of technical ability. New to the voice series is the addition of musical theatre selections and songs in popular styles in levels 1 to 8 of the Repertoire books.

Table of Contents

  1. Beautiful Dreamer, C Major [Foster, Stephen]
  2. Fair, if You Expect Admiring, G Major [Campion, Thomas] [arranged by Fellowes, E.H.]
  3. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, F Major [Spilman, J. E.]
  4. Fruhlingslied, D 398, E Major [Schubert, Franz]
  5. Gloria in Excelsis, C Major [Anderson, Robert B.]
  6. Ice Cream, B-flat Major [Campbell, Norman]
  7. Ich steh' an deiner Krippen hier (Beside Thy Cradle Here I Stand), E Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  8. L'ete, B-flat Major [Watson Henderson, Ruth]
  9. L'etoile du matin (The Morning Star), Alsatian song, D Major [arranged by Weckerlin, Jean-Baptiste]
  10. Last Year, F-sharp Minor [Anderson, W. H.]
  11. Los pelegrinitos, Spanish folk tune, D Mixolydian [arranged by Lorca, Federico]
  12. Non lo diro col labbro (Silent Worship), F Major [Handel, George Frideric] [arranged by Somervell, Arthur]
  13. Second-Hand Rose, F Major [Hanley, James F.]
  14. Song of the Shell, E Minor [Roe, Betty]
  15. The Gospel Train, African American Spiritual, G Major [arranged by Kinney, Akiko and Forrest]
  16. The Owls, F Minor [Jenkyns, Peter]
  17. The Path to the Moon, A-flat Major [Thiman, Eric H.]
  18. Waitin' for the Light to Shine, F Major [Miller, Roger]
  19. Water-Melon Seller, C Major [Beswick, Aubrey]

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