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Korg Group Metronome

Korg Group Metronome

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Share the same tempo, enhance your sense of rhythm and move in time.
An earphone-type metronome that lets you practice while moving.

The GM-1 is an ultra-compact metronome that you can place on one ear in the same way as with earphones. Use multiple GM-1 devices and everyone listens so they can practice with the same tempo in sync. This makes it possible to use the GM-1 for group practice such as marching bands or dance teams, and for rehearsals where you need to move around. The canal-type earpiece fits comfortably and securely in your ear, letting you clearly hear the metronome sound amidst the ambient sound.

Use the GM-1 to reach for that fantastic moment when everyone can fully feel the correct tempo and rhythm, so that your band and teammates stay in sync throughout the performance.


A metronome that synchronizes tempo across multiple devices—perfect for group practice.

The GM-1 uses infrared communication to connect itself with other GM-1 devices for synchronizing the tempo. To make two GM-1 devices play sounds with the same timing*, just set the sync settings once and then make the same tempo settings on each GM-1. This lets you make the sync settings to connect the source to each follower, each follower to each sub-follower and so on, and align the tempo settings to make the metronome sound play in time with the source device for three or more devices.

Regular metronomes only let you practice as a group if the members are within close enough range to listen to the tempo. However, with the GM-1, it does not matter whether each member is separated—just configure the sync and tempo settings to make all the devices play at the same tempo, and everyone can still practice even when they maintain an appropriate distance.

The GM-1 also features a memory backup function that automatically saves your settings from the previous use. This lets you start practicing from where you left off last time*, right when you turn on the power.
*Synchronization is canceled when the power is turned off.

Fits directly in your ear—the optimal device for musical instrument practice where you need to move around.

The GM-1 fits in your ear, making it useful for situations like marching band or dance team rehearsals where multiple performers need to move around. The device comes with S, M and L-sized earpieces for an accurate fit so you can select the size that is right for you. The part that fits into your ear rotates to fit the direction of your ear (either left or right), and the ear clip fastens the GM-1 onto your ear from the earlobe, so the device is attached to your ear at two points. This gives you peace of mind when you are moving while rehearsing.

Canal type earpiece brings the metronome sound directly to your ear, making the sound easy to pick out.

The GM-1 uses an airtight canal-type plug-shaped earpiece that you insert into your ear. This makes the metronome sound easy to hear, while preventing the sound from spilling out, letting you use the device without spoiling the mood in a quiet environment. And the GM-1 can also change click pitch in 3 stages. You choose pitch that is easy to hear according to the instrument you are using and the surrounding environment.

Offers a wide variety of beats and rhythm variations—even odd meters are possible.

A wide range of tempo settings are available from 30–252 beats per minute, with time signatures from zero to nine beats and rhythms including quarter notes, duplets, triplets, triplets with a rest in between or after, quadruplets, and quadruplets with a rest in between or after, each with programmable variations that support your practice of a wide range of music.

Use the jog switch to set the tempo intuitively.

The GM-1 features a jog switch on the side of the body, allowing you to easily change the settings without removing the unit from your ear. Using the jog switch you can select not just the tempo setting, but also the beat, rhythm, and volume. This provides a compact yet highly intuitive method of operation. LCD display that shows the tempo and other information are located on the inside of the body.

Low power consumption for approximately 100 hours of continuous use.

Despite its ultra-small sized body, the GM-1 provides approximately 100 hours of continuous operation using a coin-type lithium battery. The battery can be easily replaced by opening and closing the cover located on the back of the body.