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How to Get an “A” in Grade 8 Piano

How to Get an “A” in Grade 8 Piano

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"How to Get an "A" on a Grade 8 Piano Exam" is a planning guide for parents, teachers and students Grades 1-8. The author takes you step-by-step through the planning stages of pursuing the levels of beginner (finding a teacher, acquiring an instrument, practice schedules) up to and including the completion of the Grade 8 piano level. The book outlines the requirements for levels 1 to 7 with the primary focus of planning and preparing for a successful grade 8 piano exam. In addition, rip-out practice charts are provided for each graded level to aid in student practice and preparation.

The author is an experienced, registered, conservatory and university trained piano teacher of 35 years and has seen the proven results of formulating a study plan for her students. It is with this knowledge that this book was written to enable everyone to understand the steps required to acquire this level of excellence in study.

In addition, the exceptional benefits of online lessons are discussed and examined with their amazing results. Everyone, everywhere now can learn with a keyboard/piano and internet connection. Online is the new frontier for learning piano.

Whether you are wanting to get an "A" for your university application, or for your High School arts credits, or just for the joy of the achievement, then this book is for you!

Acquiring an “A” in Grade 8 piano requires Strategic planning from an early age and a a step-by-step outlined means of learning and practice. This upcoming book will outline all you need to know to acquire the skillset to be successful and to get an “A” in Grade 8 piano.