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Fiddleworks Vol. 3 New & Traditional Fiddle Tunes

Fiddleworks Vol. 3 New & Traditional Fiddle Tunes

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New & Traditional Fiddle Tunes. Composed by Zav RT. Fiddleworks series. Book & CD. 20 pages. Published by The Frederick Harris Music Company (FH.HVFW03).

Item Number: FH.HVFW03
ISBN 978-1-55440-231-1.

This series of three progressive volumes is ideal lfor beginning to advanced violinists interested in the fiddle tradition. Students of all ages will enjoy playing new works as well as fun arrangements of traditional tunes. Each book incorporates both solos and duets with accompaniment chords that set the stage for ensemble performance. Using the CD included at the back of each book, students can listen to the performance-tempo tracks to become familiar with the tunes and use the practice-tempo tracks for daily practice. Highlights include jigs, waltzes, reels, marches, as well as Old Time, Celtic, Eastern European, and North American tunes.

Song List:

  • Les cinq jumelles 
  • Josie-O 
  • Tam Lyn's 
  • Planxty Fanny Power 
  • Dill Pickle Rag 
  • Jig Of Slurs 
  • Kolomeyka 
  • Bandura Waltz 
  • Stirling Castle 
  • Banish Misfortune 
  • Mason's Apron 
  • Mrs. Bromley's 
  • Twenty Seven 
  • Cooley's 
  • Big Tree 
  • Ostinelli's Reel 
  • Leaving 
  • Big Scioty 
  • Jovano 
  • Reel Beatrice 
  • Kid on the Mountain 
  • Valse Gitane 
  • The Hurricane