Summer Band Camp 2024

Join us for a week of musical exploration and fun at Granata Music's Summer Band Camp! Drop-off and pickup times are at 10 AM and 3 PM, respectively. Students will have the exciting opportunity to choose between drums, piano, or guitar lessons, tailoring their experience to their musical interests. Each day will be packed with hands-on instruction, ensemble practice, and exciting activities to foster musical growth and friendship.


The highlight of the week will be a thrilling performance where students can showcase their newfound skills and musical accomplishments. Whether they're beginners or seasoned musicians, our camp offers a supportive and engaging environment for every participant to shine. Don't miss out on this unforgettable musical journey!


Week 1: July 8-12     Week 2: July 15-19

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Granata Music's summer band camp provides an enriching environment where children can experience the educational and developmental advantages of music in a structured and supportive atmosphere. Under the guidance of experienced musicians and educators, campers refine their musical skills while enhancing their hand-eye coordination, socializing with peers, and nurturing their creativity.

Children have the chance to explore their musical interests while learning the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Whether they're beginners or seasoned musicians, Granata's summer band camp offers a dynamic platform for children to flourish both musically and personally, fostering a lifelong passion for music and its myriad benefits.


No Instrument? No need to worry!

We are giving away 12 ukuleles to the first 12 families that decide to sign up!


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