Guide to Choosing the Right Guitar

Four steps to choosing the right guitar for your child

When choosing a guitar for your child there are four basic steps you need to think about:

  1. Choosing the type of guitar, steel string acoustic, nylon string acoustic or electric.
  2. Choosing the right size for your child.
  3. Buy a quality instrument not a toy (how to tell the difference between the two).
  4. Purchase a tuner and quality bag or case to protect the guitar.


Make sure to come in store and try out a guitar before buying! Test it out and feel free to ask any of our qualified staff questions and for help!


  1. Choosing a guitar, steel string acoustic, nylon string acoustic or electric guitar.

Decide what kind of music you would like to play:

  • Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal: Electric
  • Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Bluegrass: Acoustic
  • Jazz, Spanish, Pop: Classical

Note that every Genre can be played on each guitar, listed are the primary and popular music types for each guitar!


  1. Choosing the right size guitar for your child

A guitar that it's too big makes it difficult for a child to hold the guitar hold the guitar. A guitar that is too small makes it difficult to fit there fingers on the fret board and play the notes and chords.  

Age is only a very general guideline

  • 3 to 6 years old - Half Size or 30 inch Acoustic Guitar
  • 6 to 9 years old - Three-Quarter 34” Acoustic Guitar or 6 to 9/10 years old - Junior Electric Guitar
  • 9 to 12 years old - Student 36” Acoustic Guitar, 8/9 to 12 years old - Short Scale Electric Bass Guitar or 9/10 Years to Adult - Full Size Electric Guitar
  • 12 Years to Adult - Classical and Concert Guitar
  • 13 years to Adult - Full Size Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar


  1. Buying from a Local Music Store rather than a Big Box Store!


Buying from a Local Music store ensures you get a good quality guitar while speaking to musicians and people who know music!

Big Box Retail stores generally have their guitars boxed up from factory, buying local from Granata Music, your guitar will be set up and ready to use! Also, you can talk one-on-one with an expert with the knowledge to make your choice easier!


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