Top 5 Signs Your Guitar Needs HELP!

Neck Adjustment: Fret Buzz (Low Action) OR Strings Are Too High (High Action)

Sharp Frets
Rusty Strings and Worn Parts
Electronic Wiring Issues


Does your guitar need minor repairs, cleaning, or adjusting?  We offer several basic repair services:

  • $10 - Walk-in special: Replace one string, polish, and tune
  • $35 - Basic Guitar Re-string
  • $55 - Guitar Re-String, Polish, Fix Intonation, Neck Adjustment, Polish and Fret Board Hydration
  • $55 - Brass and Woodwind: Lubrication and Sanitation
  • $55/hr - Repairs & Alterations (price varies depending on repair; details in-store)

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If the repair fees get too hefty… it’s time for an upgrade:

 For the month of March get a FREE Guitar Lesson and FREE Capo with the purchase of any guitar at Granata Music Ltd!


Washburn Electric Guitars starting at $179.95

Washburn Acoustic Guitars starting at $299.95

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