Christmas is fast approaching! [Promo Code Inside!]

Christmas is fast approaching! [Promo Code Inside!]

What?!? It's November already? and that means it's almost time for everyone's favorite time of the year- Christmas! For all you early bird shoppers, we've got you covered! We've already started stocking our best Christmas collections for all skill levels and instruments with more and more arriving each week. If you don't see the particular book you'd like, we can get a copy faster than ever since our suppliers are offering us rushed shipping for our valued customers for the holidays.


New here at Granata we also have a merchandise and stocking-stuffer section courtesy of our friends at Electric Lifestyles featuring affordable electronics, accessories and even musical socks!

Oh and one more thing... valid until November 30th, answer this riddle to get an extra 10% off your purchase at (The answer, in CAPS is the discount code)

Who is the man who gives presents (like music books), with the help of elves and reindeer, to all the good boys and girls on Christmas? (Hint: S _ _ _ _ )

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