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Safety measures are in place to help keep you safe & healthy on your musical journey! We also offer virtual classes as a go to option, we are seeing a spike of interest in online classes; it's turning out to be a great alternative to keep students learning! Students can also gain valuable experience working with other musicians by joining our band program or by signing up to perform at one of our upcoming coffee house shows.

Lessons offered:

  • Electric Guitar, Acoustic & Classical 
  • Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele, Guitalele
  • Drums
  • Piano, Keyboard
  • Vocal
  • Violin
  • Clarinet
  • Accordion 
  • Djembe
  • Trumpet

Lesson Rates:

30 Minute Private Lesson: $30

60 Minute Private Lesson: $60

Student Benefits and Perks:

  • 10% off store wide
  • Exclusive deals and sales


  • Band Program
Once a week a group of 3-4 students will get together with one of our teachers, jam out and learn new songs while playing in a band with their peers! Great experience for learners of all levels! Have more questions? Please contact us at (613) 727-0727 
We are lucky to have some very talented, exceptional teachers and staff! Granata Music offers a wide variety of lessons and instrument repairs thanks to our team of experts! Meet our team and see their talents below!



Gino Granata

Small Business Owner, CEO of Granata Music Ltd. Improving customer service, pricing, products & changing the focus from sheet music to a variety of musical accessories, instruments & custom repairs while ensuring to continue to provide the city with thousands of different print music options! His vision and motivation for success drives him to continue to expand & grow. Ginos specialization is in customer service, teaching and business management. His leadership and ideas have driven Granata Music to its greatest success since it's opening. 



Gabriel Comba
 Gabe is an aspiring musician who sings, plays the guitar, piano and bass. He loves rock n roll, blues, and folk. Some of his favorite musicians/inspirations are Greta Van Fleet, The Beatles, Harry Styles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, and many more.


Grace Ranallo

One of our most qualified, with a Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 7 Certification. She specializes in teaching younger students the fundamentals of music in both piano and beginner vocals. Grace loves to implement lots of popular music into her curriculum!


 Trey Washington 

Trey is a very outgoing and energetic teacher. His number one rule in his lessons is to have fun and enjoy what is being played. He teaches electric, classical, and acoustic guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, Bass, and vocal. He has a wide taste in music from hard rock to pop and from blues to classical music. Some of his inspirations are Michael Jackson, Shawn Mendes, Van Halen, Ludovico Einaudi and many more.

 He also specializes as a sales person, customer service and more!


Yasmine Shariat

 Yasmine is one of our newest additions to our Granata Music teachers team! She has been playing the piano for over 10 years and is working towards her grade 9 RCM Certification. While she mainly plays classical music, she also enjoys playing and listening to R&B, Indie, and pop music (although any good music is acceptable regardless of the genre). A few of her inspirations include Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Alessia Cara, Jon Batiste, and Ella Mai. Yasmine also Enjoys playing both the flute and the oboe in her spare time.


Armel Darboux

Armel has been playing the Violin and Clarinet for 6 years and has earned his level 7 RCM Certificate. His favorite genre is classical music with composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. 

He is also the producer/technician for our recording studio, The Golden Vox. He specializes in recording, producing, mixing and mastering pieces. He is able to record any style of music from country to gospel, and from gospel to a percussion jazz recording.



 George Aljamal

George is one of our newest additions to our music school. He specializes in Intermediate Guitar and Trumpet. His favorite genres are Soul, Blues, Rock, and Jazz. His biggest influencers are David Bowie, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Queen, and Ray Charles. 

He also specializes as a sales person, and customer service!



Luigi Orlando

Join us Thursday mornings at Granata Music Ltd with instructor Luigi Orlando for your introduction to accordion! With years of experience, he can help any beginner become a pro! 

Luigi is the accordion specialist at Granata Music!