Music Lessons

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Students can gain valuable experience working with other musicians by joining our band program or by signing up to perform at one of our recitals.

Prices and Rates:

Lessons offered:

  • Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele, Guitalele
  • Drums
  • Piano, Keyboard
  • Vocal
  • Violin
  • Accordion 
  • Djembe

Lesson Rates:

30 Minute Private Lesson: $26

60 Minute Private Lesson: $52

Student Benefits and Perks:

  • 10% off store wide
  • Earn 5% back on all purchases
  • Exclusive deals and sales

Other Programs offered: 

  • Band Program

Once a week a group of 3-4 students will get together with one of our teachers, jam out and learn new songs while playing in a band with their peers! Great experience for learners of all levels!

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There are some perks to being a student at Granata Music, including a storewide discount and exclusive deals on products.

Please contact us at (613) 727-0727 for rates and specials.