Who knew earning could be so easy?

Who knew earning could be so easy?

After many long nights and shots of espresso, gTeach is finally up and running! For those of you who missed our last email, gTeach is an online tool through Granata Music that rewards you for sending your students to purchase books through us. The fully integrated system allows you to track student purchases, send them recommendations on future purchases and redeem your rewards. 

The more students you register, the greater percentage you earn- it's easy, safe and most importantly, free to use.

 The Benefits

  • A Consolidated System for Teachers for sending Music Book recommendations for their next class
  • Track Student Purchases
  • Offer Students Discounted Books (10% off)
  • Get Rewards for referring your students to us!
  • 1-5 students = 7% back
  • 6-10 students = 10% back
  • 10+ students = 13% back

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