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Sound Advice - Level Eight

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Theory and Ear Training. Composed by Brenda Braaten and Crystal Wiksyk. Edited by Laura Beauchamp. Theory and Ear Training. Sound Advice series. Book. 200 pages. Published by The Frederick Harris Music Company (FH.SA08).

Item Number: FH.SA08
ISBN 978-1-55440-038-6.

Sound Advice offers an innovative approach to integrating ear training and theory into music study. By working with Sound Advice books and recordings both at home and during lessons, students will gain an enriched understanding and appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. Teachers will find these materials ideal for use in studio and classroom settings for students of all instruments as well as singers and choristers. This series serves as effective preparation for the ear-training and theory components of major assessment systems, including the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Level Eight includes four-voice harmonic progressions in major keys; cadential six-four chords; I, ii, IV, V, and vi in root position and first inversion; tritone resolutions; two-part singing and dictation; the Baroque dance suite.