RCM Violin - Technique and Etudes, Levels Preparatory-4 - Canada

RCM Violin - Technique and Etudes, Levels Preparatory-4

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Instrumentation: Violin
Series: Royal Conservatory Violin Series (2013 Edition)
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: VS41
Category: Print Music
Description: The Violin Series, 2013 Edition includes a sound and progressive collection of Repertoire, Compact Discs, Technique and Etudes, and Orchestral Excerpts for the aspiring virtuoso. Carefully selected and edited to support teachers and students in their artistic and technical development, the pieces in this series provide an engaging compilation of music from all major style periods.

Table of Contents

  1. Andante [Romberg, Bernhard] [arranged by Knechtel, A. Baird]
  2. Aren't You Glad? [Givens, Shirley]
  3. Blast Off! [Cohen, Mary]
  4. Bow Division [Anonymous]
  5. Charlie is My Darling
  6. Cripple Creek [arranged by RT, Zav]
  7. D Scale Waltz [Anderson & Frost]
  8. Dragon Drama! [Harris, Paul]
  9. Gliding Along at the Octopus Ball [Cohen, Mary]
  10. Grasshopper [Geringas, Yaakov]
  11. Gym [Geringas, Yaakov]
  12. Inch Worm [Kinnard, Kathryn Bird]
  13. Kites [Rapoport, Katharine]
  14. Listen to the mMocking Bird! [Milburn, Richard] [arranged by Givens, Shirley]
  15. Little Red Sportcar [Telfer, Nancy]
  16. Marching Notes [Givens, Shirley]
  17. Melodious Double Stops, No. 9 [Trott, Josephine]
  18. Nojack [Donkin, Christine]
  19. Ostinelli's Reel [arranged by RT, Zav]
  20. Pancake Peak [Donkin, Christine]
  21. Playing Ball [Geringas, Yaakov]
  22. Preparatory Exercise for Chromatic Scales [Kinsey, Herbert]
  23. Rowing on the Lake [Keyser, Paul de]
  24. Sailing [Romberg, Bernhard] [arranged by Knechtel, A. Baird]
  25. Saturday Night Stomp [Cohen, Mary]
  26. Study in B-flat major, Op. 45, Book 2, No. 37 [Wohlfahrt, Franz]
  27. Study in F major, Op. 45, Book 1, No. 5 [Wohlfahrt, Franz]
  28. Study in F major, Op. 45, Book 1, No. 6 [Wohlfahrt, Franz]
  29. Study in G major, Op. 45, Book 1, No. 4 [Wohlfahrt, Franz]
  30. The Fair Isle [Mackay, Neil]
  31. The Fellow [Entezami, Ramin]
  32. The First Skating Lesson [Geringas, Yaakov]
  33. The Happy Wire-Haired Dachshund [Entezami, Ramin]
  34. The Little Eel [Entezami, Ramin]
  35. The Mill Wheel [Cohen, Mary]
  36. The Sulky Sailor [Gale, Christine]
  37. The Whirly Bird and the Hen [Cohen, Mary]
  38. Tuning Up! [Givens, Shirley]
  39. Who Has Seen the Wind? [Givens, Shirley]