RCM Violin - Repertoire (w/CD), Preparatory - Canada

RCM Violin - Repertoire (w/CD), Preparatory

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Instrumentation: Violin with piano accompaniment
Series: Royal Conservatory Violin Series (2013 Edition)
Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
Item Code: V40
Category: Print Music
Description: The Violin Series, 2013 Edition includes a sound and progressive collection of Repertoire, Compact Discs, Technique and Etudes, and Orchestral Excerpts for the aspiring virtuoso. Carefully selected and edited to support teachers and students in their artistic and technical development, the pieces in this series provide an engaging compilation of music from all major style periods.

Table of Contents

  1. Berceuse [Blachford, Frank]
  2. Canon [Hayes, Philip] [arranged by Keyser, Paul de]
  3. Flag Dance [Nelson, Sheila]
  4. In Ancient Times [Birston, Harold]
  5. Knickerbocker Glory [Colledge, Katherine & Hugh]
  6. Konope (The Old City) [arranged by Janacek, Leos]
  7. March [Rose, Michael]
  8. Nightingale [Colledge, Katherine & Hugh]
  9. On Tiptoe [Archer, Violet]
  10. Peter [Kabalevsky, Dmitri] [arranged by Fortunatov, Konstantin]
  11. Playing Ball [arranged by Chatman, Stephen]
  12. Poeme [Keyser, Paul de]
  13. Pony Trot [Krasev, A.]
  14. Quirk [Barratt, Carol]
  15. Song [Rose, Michael]
  16. Tap Dance [Huws Jones, Edward]
  17. The Climb Up Mount Royal [Coulthard, Jean]
  18. The Old Jalopy [Birston, Harold]
  19. The Old Woman and the Peddlar [arranged by Kinney, Akiko]
  20. The Subway Train [Ethridge, Jean]