Celebrate Theory Level 10 History - Canada

Celebrate Theory Level 10 History

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Celebrate Theory is a new series that supports the study of music theory at every stage of a students musical development. Encompassing rudiments, harmony & counterpoint, analysis, and music history, Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for enriching practical studies and developing well-rounded musicianship. Alignment with the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition ensures student success in preparing for examinations of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.


Level 10 History

Detailed exploration of genres and styles including:

the Middle Ages (chant, organum, motet, chanson, instrumental dance music)

 the Renaissance Era (motet, mass, madrigal, chanson, keyboard music)

the Baroque Era (opera, cantata, concerto grosso, orchestral suite, keyboard music)

the Classical Era (symphony, oratorio, opera, piano concerto, sonata, chamber music)