Bastien Piano Basics Level 2 - Learn to Play Four Book Set

Bastien Piano Basics Level 2 - Learn to Play Four Book Set

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Includes Primer Level Piano, Theory, Technic, and Performance Books

Piano is the main lesson book in the Bastien Piano Basics course. The carefully graded, logical learning sequence assures steady, continual progress. Original music by the Bastiens includes a stimulating mixture of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles. Full-color illustrations throughout entertain and reinforce musical concepts along the way. The gradual multi-key approach takes students through all 12 keys -- 3 in each of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. All in all, a dynamic way to introduce students to the marvelous world of music! Piano Level 2 (W02) presents binary and ternary form, one-octave scales with tetrachords identified, intervals of 6th and 7th, primary chords, triads and inversions, 6/8 time, and the keys of D, A, and E. The Theory book contains written work and some short pieces to reinforce the concepts presented in Piano. Games, puzzles, and colorful illustrations make learning fun! Theory Level 2 (W07) presents theory materials correlated with Piano.

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