Alfred d'Auberge Piano Course - Lesson Book 2 - Canada

Alfred d'Auberge Piano Course - Lesson Book 2

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Method/Instruction; Piano - Alfred d'Auberge Piano Course. Alfred D'Auberge Method. Instructional and Method. Collection. 48 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.504).

Item Number: AP.504
ISBN 0739007866. Instructional and Method. 9x12 inches.

A very popular middle C approach that develops in a methodical manner. Not only a treat to the ear but the illustrations are a delight to the eye!

  • Lovely Spring  Phrases, Key of C hand position
  • Music Town  Patterns
  • Beautiful Brown Eyes 
  • China Clipper  2/4 time
  • Mississippi River Boat  Key of G hand position
  • Grasshopper Green  New Note D for the R.H.
  • Let's Be Gay and Play 
  • Old Black Joe  New note D for the L.H.
  • Writing Rhythm 
  • The Old Grey Goose  Key of F hand Position
  • Tempo Signs  Flying My Kite
  • Little German Band 
  • Chatterbox 
  • Two Above and Two Below  Both Hands oin Treble Clef
  • The Dynamics  Cuckoo Clock
  • A Prayer  With 2nd part
  • Alpine Song  D.C. al fine
  • Sharps, Flats and Naturals  Quiz
  • Writing: Sharps, Flats and Naturals 
  • Christmas Song  Accidentals
  • Maypole Dance  Courtesy Accidentals
  • Carnival of Venice  Extension of the R.H. one note lower
  • Au Clair de la Lune  Extension of the L.H. one note lower
  • Aura Lee  Two hand positions for the R.H.
  • Steps for Clever 
  • Blue bird Waltz  B below middle C for the R.H., Two notes together for the R.H.
  • Echo Waltz  Two notes together for the L.H., Crescendo and Dimuendo
  • Lovely Evening  Round
  • Introducing Dotted Quarter Notes  The Road Home
  • Apache War dance  Low A for the L.H.
  • The Crafty Crocodile  Relative Minor keys
  • Musical Crossword Puzzle 
  • Mr. Nobody  D minor
  • The Old Grey Mare  E for the R.H.
  • The Major Scale  Half Step and Whole Steps
  • The One-Octave Scale  The Woodpecker, 8va
  • Lightly Row  Key of D, D hand position
  • The Barefoot Geese 
  • A-Tiskit, A Taskit  Key of Bb, Low B for the L.H.
  • Two Songs in bb  Skip to My Lou, Now the Day is Over, New Note F for the R.H.
  • Legato and Detached  New note G for the R.H.
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain 
  • Music Box 
  • Quiz 
  • Diploma