Acouway Guitalele GT-AC-28

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Guitalele gives you the portability of a ukulele and chord possibilities of a classical guitar. This Guitarlele will be a perfect choice for any music lover, novice or pro, children or adults!

Top: Sapeli wood
Logo : Laser engraving.
Back & side material: Sapeli plywood
Neck material: Mahogany
Bridge material: Rosewood
Fretboard : Rosewood
Machine head: Chromed die casting
Strings: Nylon and Stainless steel
Nut and Saddle material: Ox bone
Fret No: 18
Saddle width: 6.8cm / 2.7in
Bridge width: 11.5cm / 4.5in
Product size: Approx.70 * 23 * 8cm / 28 * 9 * 3.1in
Product weight: 735g / 25.9oz