RCM Celebration Series - Piano Etudes, Level 2

RCM Celebration Series - Piano Etudes, Level 2

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The Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition will inspire students at every level with its comprehensive collection of graded repertoire and etudes. Carefully curated and edited to support teachers and students in artistic and technical development, this 22-book series provides an engaging compilation of music—from beloved classics to newly commissioned works. New to this series are never-before published works from popular Canadian and US composers that will enhance the musical journey. Each book includes high-quality recordings, easily accessible online, to inspire students and teachers.

In the Etudes books, pieces by composers best known for writing etudes appear alongside character pieces by contemporary composers. A variety of styles will support students as they master the technical challenges required at each level.


Etude in F Major, op. 190, no. 27

Christian Louis Heinrich Köhler

Allegro in C Major, op. 38, no. 8

Johann Wilhelm Hässler

Etude in D Major, op. 139, no. 33

Carl Czerny

Etude in D Minor, op. 82, no. 65

Cornelius Gurlitt

Pierrot Skipping (Pierrot sautille)

Hedwige Chrétien

The Little Juggler, op. 89, no. 21

Dmitri Kabalevsky

Bird in the Bebop

Wynn-Anne Rossi

Arcade Game

Janet Gieck

Crazy Comics

Christine Donkin

Trumpet Blues

Christopher Norton

The Wind

Chee-Hwa Tan

Autumn Leaves

Linda Niamath

Rustic Dance

Kerstin Strecke

The Lonely Shepherd

Dennis Alexander

Razzle Dazzle

Ailbhe McDonagh


Emily Doolittle

Etude in G Major, op. 166, no. 6

Henri Bertini

Peking Opera on Black Keys

Edward Han Jiang